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  1. the norris nuts needs to apologize to sabre .

  2. I don’t think this is fair. Sockie got so mad at sabre for playing the game. When sockie gets sabres bed she laughs. Not fair I’m a super super legend but I will tell what I think<3 good on Sabre
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  3. imagine if they have 100 billion subs that would mean the world to them

  4. I don’t think it was fair of sockie telling Sabre to “Get off!” I mean I get that sockie was just raging but still it is still unfair Sabre was just playing the game fair and like Sabre said it’s just a game.

  5. bro you little kids probaly cant watch squid game

  6. Sabre and sockie weren't teaming im pretty sure sabre was just trying to get emearelds and diamonds

  7. It was mean of sockie and biggie,biggie cheated and sockie kept spam jumping

  8. Y’all be ruining squid game for everyone 💀

  9. hi norris nuts I recommend u try caramel treats the soft biscuits with soft and sweet caramel insisde freeze them for 1 and a half first

  10. Biggy was not realy getting teamed, he just had good stuff, eg: dimond clothes, so they went for him.

  11. i think sockie was a bit rude to sab not to be rude

  12. I think that Sabre should of won those robuxs, but just because Sockie started screaming at her she didn’t, when Sock wins Sabre is always happy for her, so I think that they didn’t play it fair. No hate

  13. Biggy Its Not TEAMING bc then sockie and sabre would be giving stuff to eachother

  14. Did anyone realise that Biggy has headless?

  15. Biggy’s concentration face is just like mine!!!

  16. To be honest I’m a true legend and all but I don’t think sockie should of have that reaction when Sabre tried to destroy her bed, and I don’t think biggy can break sabres bed because he’s sabotaging them but still it’s not fair for Sabre if she wants to win the robux

  17. Im such a big fan my DREAM PET is a COW iv been a fan since it was called sabre and the norris nuts

  18. I'm not a hater but I don't like the game bed wars or murder mystery so plss can u play Brookhaven roleplay

  19. I love you nn so much the first 1 day subbed to you guys I wish I could meet you from violet

  20. You can use the axe and if will Instant break bed

  21. sabre: dying from laughter
    biggy: pulls out robux gift card out of nowhere

  22. It wasn’t fair how, in the first round no one cheered for Sabre or helped her they all went to sockie and basically teamed on her.

  23. LEST GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I WAS SO HAPPY TO SEE SAB WIN ( Im bored on youtube rn so im going on and watching the old norris nuts videos lol )

  24. i just love the norris nuts there so funny

  25. My dad say stop shouting cus I'm watching u hehe

  26. I think when Sabre won the first round she was a little rude because she was so happy and I think she was trying to show of a lot she was even screaming I’m just saying I think it’s a little rude

  27. Promise you going to make some vids pls do I luv you <3

  28. It’s not fair how the Norris nuts always are on sickie side like they could of been celebrating with Sabre:(

  29. The nn seem so mean to Sabre all the time:(

  30. i love your videos and subscribed to all your chanels and liked every video

  31. Have you guys Watch Squid game, I have not.

  32. Norris nuts i feel like u should play a game that sabre wants cuz u guys always play the same game it’s getting boring and i feel like it’s a bit mean to sabre

  33. I feel bad for Biggy because he keeps getting killed every time because he the best at bed of wars.

  34. I feel bad for biggy,because they always kill him like every single time they try to just get biggy because he is the best at bed wars and he most of the times wins 🏆and I feel that Sockie was being only in this gaming video

  35. do think that sabre was being rude to sockie and targeting her aslo not letting naz even think about what game

  36. Im sorry but you guys always play bedwars its kinda lame now Im still watching your videos
    Im not trying to break your love with bedwars but please play Among us again🫶🏽

  37. no offence I love u all but in my opinion u and sabre were teaming u killed him together

  38. norris nuts can you pleasse play doors 🤗🙏

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