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  1. Hey Norris nuts! I know the best place you need to visit! It’s a place called ‘rock’ in Cornwall, uk 😃 you can surf there, go rock jumping (from rlly high places) AND most importantly it’s where Gordon Ramsey lives, so sock can meet him again like he said 💜 it would make such an amazing vlog and you guys would have the best time ever, trust me (I live here and it’s sooo good!). It just seems meant to be 🥰 thanks guys for making videos for us and working super hard I really appreciate it, so you deserve an amazing trip like this one would be! I’ve been watching since you had 100k subs and every vid since then has made me smile 😊 legends like this comment to spread the message to the Norris nuts ❤️

  2. Gaming idea play wop and grow up a pet and whoever has the best pet at the end gets a chocolate

  3. Hey Norris Nuts!! I’m a super legend and I just wanted to say that you guys are amazing and you make me happy. I just want to say that you guys are really fun to watch but I want you know that playing Squid Game is all okay but watching it at your age isn’t! I’m not sure if you have seen it or not but it’s really violent and quite confronting and I don’t want you to be scared or worried!! Love you guys, I just want you to be safe <3

  4. hi norris nuts i love your channel i been watching since sabre had her own channel if you can plese reply i would be so happy

  5. Soam if you agree they should play Minecraft

  6. Hi guys I'm a huge fan I love your videos I have tips for bedwars uhh 1st tip for sockie don't spam ur mouse ehwen breaking be for blocks tip 2 is axe is the fastest at breaking bed and that's it u might know this already idk but I am happy to help love your vids doin a great job bye!!♥️❣️❤️

  7. Sockie be like :sabre get off (she mad for literally a game ) then sabre's bed was gone Sockie said : that's what u get sab (like isn't that such rude thing to say its just a game not trynna hate but i think they be doing it again)

  8. I doubt you will see this but if you do I love u guys so much. Today I don’t feel well because I had my 2 Covid vaccine but I watch your videos and they put a smile on my face and I just can’t thankyou enough. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💕

  9. You guys should make mama and papa a roblox account!

  10. I’m gonna get hate for this but I honestly don’t care… sockie is so competitive and a try hard when they’re playing… I get they all get mad but sockie s way is just so mean. I felt sorry for Sabre it’s just a game and sockie kept yelling at here saying “GET OFF” we get your raging but that’s something your able to improve on. Sabre improved so can you.

  11. can yall film some adopt me videos too? love all your content but adopt me is the best!

  12. Sockie wasn't being a good sport here she was yelling at sabre but when she kills sabre, Sabre just laughs.

  13. Go Naz you can do this before the other kid do this

  14. You should do last to rage on speed runner btw it’s on Roblox

  15. I think you all should go on Minecraft and biggy and Sokie should build a Pyjama shop and naz and saber should build a make up shop

  16. you guys should play minecraft again i miss thoses ivds

  17. biggy killed her and that was not fair he did sabotage anyone else

  18. when will there be another real life among us i miss them:(

  19. I dont think Biggy should of been aloud to kill anyone fully or destroy their beds and i think it was a bit rude of sockie to be like that to Sabre as Sockie laughs when she destroys Sabre's bed and Sabre is super nice when she destroys Sockie's bed

  20. This was not fair for Saber she was just playing the game and then Sockie yelled and got Biggy to kill her even when he's not in the robux competition like what

  21. Omg sockies hair is so nice
    She was being a bit mean to sab…

  22. Hi Norris nuts I’m a huge fan and I would love to get your Murch but it would be much more better if you could get after pay because it be much more easier for my mum❤️❤️❤️

  23. I know that was i bit mean of sockie but you could keep it to yourself because now theres all these comments that the nn might read and it might make sockie a bit upset and i really care about the nn not to be rude. and sabre congrats on winning you tried really hard good job.

  24. lmao why does sockie look weird in the thumbnail

  25. lol the fact that sockie was gonna cry over a dog lead .lol but no hate love u all

  26. It was so mean of sockie to shout on sabre she was like get off man get off then when sabre died she was not mad on sockie but sockie was like heheheh and that's mean btw don't forget that's a game and I not trying to be mean but pretty mean and I am just saying the truth nothing else have a good day Norris nuts

  27. Did anyone realise that Biggy and Naz got headless? 😀

  28. y’all don’t know what it’s like to have siblings, they can be mean/competitive with each other. They aren’t a perfect family and that’s fine

  29. Ok alot of people commenting Sockie is mean etc.
    And i feel like its normal
    People say its mean but im sure some people who comments (Sockie is mean) get mad also cause when someone kill u then after, u get revenge then kill them ur just gonna laugh and 100% sure the people comment that sockie is mean, but did that too
    And in fact that's a gaming experience were u get mad
    Litterarly people here always spam what mean etc but they do that too
    I just hate those kinds of people and im sure majority of the people did what Sockie did cause like i said its part of the gaming experience 🙄


  31. Sabre and sickie were teaming on biggy I don’t think it’s fair cause you could get banned for teaming if it were in a real match


  33. No offense but sockie is kinda being unfair to sabre like when sabre was getting the bed sockie was like "get off get off" but when for example sockie attacks sabre then she doesnt be a bad sport

  34. it is unfair because was yelling at sabre to get off and sabre was trying her hardest and to win so stop being a saw loser im a fan but im upset at this fact

  35. Why is sockie telling Sabre to get off o-o like that’s the game- like nvm-

  36. sabre never gets angry at any other of the norris nuts<333 unlike biggy and sockie :/

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