Would you survive the VR squid games? #Shorts


  1. Hahahahha throughing people in squid game hahah

  2. Exactest movie that he knew he fucked up

  3. Yo this is squid game in vr the name of the is gorilla tag

  4. Just run on the glass before it breaks.

  5. ♀♀♀互互互互互互互互互互互互

  6. 郈郋郋 訇迮郱 迠訄郅郋邽 郕 郇邽邾 赲郕邽迡赲訄迮唐

  7. 郱迡迮 郈訄迡訄郋郅訇 訄郱訄 邾訄邾郋郕訄

  8. Dude would have survived if he didnt try to get back up like an NPC

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